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Viva La Vida- Mexico City

If you’re stuck on deciding where to go for your next trip that is relatively cheap and full of things to do, then you may want to consider Mexico City. CDMX has become one of the top global destinations for tourism and there are several reasons for that.

To start with you have the epic food scene where you’ll find traditional Mexican dishes with flavors that doesn’t compare to those from the United States. Next you have countless of landmarks to check out including some very historic ones. Another reason why so many tourists visit this wonderful city is due to all the art one can see in the streets and museums. With so many opportunities to get a sense of the culture, one can do so with at low costs. Knowing that your dollars get far in a foreign place is always a win on the visitor’s end.

Angel of Independence

Here are a few things to check out in CDMX…

Frida Kahlo Museum:

If you plan on taking pictures inside Frida’s home then it’s required to purchase a photography permit. I also advise booking your admission to the museum in advance to avoid long lines.

National Museum of Anthropology:

Pyramids of Teotihuacán:

Lots of cool souvenirs can be found at this site.

Channeling my inner Aztec Warrior spirit

Experiencing a Soccer Match in the legendary Estadio Azteca:

Whether watching the national team or America play, this is one experience every sporting fan should experience once in their lives. The atmosphere is like any other sporting event I’ve been to. Just make sure you wear the home team’s colors for your own safety.

Mural found right outside the stadium

Nothing like eating a elote during a soccer game

Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe:

Food Scene:

Enchiladas, Tacos, Posole, Tortas, Chilaquiles, tequila, mole, Churros, Elotes, Cochinita Pibil, Huaraches, Chile Rellenos, Tamales, Fresas con Crema, Burritos, Sopes, Ceviche…… Do I need to say more?! I may be biased because I’m Hispanic and grew up on Mexican food but let’s be real here. When it comes to food nothing is more tasteful than Mexican knowing that there are so many varieties within this category. Mexico has so much to offer and I recommend you don’t limit yourself to “the Taco” although CDMX does it well. The street food scene is amazing and one can run into several world famous fine dining restaurants in the city.

More info to come on my Señor Foodie post…

Cafe de olla

Chapultepec Castle: 


Ice cream and other snack vendors can be located in the park area right outside of the castle.

Plaza Garibaldi:

Also known as Mariachi Plaza this place is a dope spot to see hundreds of different Mariachi groups gather and play music for some change. Although it’s no longer permitted to roam the plaza with alcohol in your hands, you can still enjoy the music up-close at the surrounding restaurants or bars. The tacos in this area are really good as well.

Photo credit- Marisol Yepez


Zocalo is the central square of Mexico City with plenty of museums and restaurants that surround the plaza. If you happen to arrive at the right time then you may run into a concert or festival that’s usually held at this place. Your best bet is during Independence Day or New Years.


Unfortunately everything you read up to this point is only a small fraction of all the things you can do in this great city. There are still many museums, restaurants, and other points of interest that were left out. All the more reason why I would like to return to CDMX in the near future to finish exploring places such as Xochimilco.

For the meantime I am confident Mexico City will continue to thrive on it’s rich culture and attract more tourists for the years to come. If I had more than 3 days to spend out there I would have shared more places with you guys.


Stay tuned for my next Mexico trip to Oaxaca & Chiapas in 2018…

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