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Saludos de Perú- Part III

Day 5:

The crew and I pack our bags and fly to the capital of Peru. We wanted to use this day to go on a foodie adventure and wonder through the upscale district of Miraflores. With this in mind we had intentions of trying the best ceviche in the world. To get our ceviche fix, I had already came into the trip knowing exactly where I wanted to dine at. It was only right we stopped by the famous Chef Wong restaurant, a place cherished by locals and recognized globally by food critics.

The squad eager to enter the restaurant. #HypeIsReal

To ensure a seat in this fine restaurant, I recommend calling in advance for a reservation.

Chef cutting the fish with the respect it deserves

Best ceviche I’ve ever tasted in my life

Posted up with the legend.

The eating did not stop there! After lunch we headed to a local vegetarian friendly cafe called Armonica where I got crepes. From there we took a stroll at John F. Kennedy Park also known as Cat Park where you can find numerous cats just chilling there.

(Food guide to Peru coming soon on Señor Foodie)

We ended the evening by watching the sunset at the beach.

Day 6:

Before ending the trip we wanted to go on one last ultimate excursion. The group couldn’t have thought of a better idea than to visit Huacachina, a desert oasis located 5 hours away from Lima. This is a very popular destination in Peru as tourists come here to ride the dune buggies and go sand-boarding on the massive dunes.

(Travel Tip💡– You can save lots of money by hiring a personal driver to Huacachina vs. booking a ride from a tour bus company. We basically found a personal driver by getting to know one of our Uber drivers who knew someone who would be willing to drive us. At that point it’s a game of negotiation to get the best rate possible.)

Made a pit stop at Paracas which is on the way to Huacachina.

Was hoping to spot some wildlife but unfortunately all the Sea Lions and Penguins were hiding

Hungry for Adventures doing his thing

Day 7:

We turned our last day in Lima into a lazy Saturday as we did the bare minimum of exploring. The majority of us were down to our last couple of dollars so we took it easy by taking a stroll near Barranco’s art district.

Supporting local art

A bakery can be found in nearly every street.

Once the evening came, it was time to pack up and head back to the states. I was fortunate to experience a little bit of everything that Peru had to offer including culture, history, food, and it’s gorgeous views of the land. Spending one week in this awesome country is not enough time as there are several other parts to explore in Northern and Southern Peru. I think at some point I would like to return to go on the full Inca trail trek and possibly visit Manu national park.

Overall it was fun and I couldn’t have done it without my travel crew. Now it’s time to plan the next big adventure…

The face of an exhausted, broke traveling man that went through 2 long layovers and drove from LAX to Phoenix. More than 24 hours later, I’m home.

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