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Moab, Utah – Adventure Capital of the West

Back at it again with another road trip adventure, this time to the gorgeous place of Moab, Utah. Although I’ve been here before I wanted to return as soon as possible to take on more trails, try local restaurants, and snap more photos to share with my loved ones. I elected to visit Arches NP, Canyonlands NP, and Dead Horse Point State Park during February since I knew there’s generally a lot less people at these parks compared to the Summer months. In addition I was hoping to arrive at a time where there would be enough snow to capture within my pictures. Unfortunately I had came a little too late where most of the snow had melted and there was barely any patches in the parks I visited.

Monument Valley:

If you are going to visit Moab then it would be a wise decision to make a stop at Monument Valley if traveling from Arizona. Located right on the state borderline between Arizona and Utah, one will see those iconic sandstone buttes that you may recall from several popular films. The Navajo Tribal Park will charge each vehicle $20 to enter the land. From there you can cruise down the road and post up at different scenic points. There’s a visitor center where you can find lots of cool souvenirs and find interesting facts of Monument Valley’s history.

Once you made your rounds around the park, then you would continue Northward onto Route 163. As you’re going make sure you stop and pull over at the side of the road to capture that famous view from the film Forest Gump.

Canyonlands National Park:

Canyonlands was a very chill place to visit and it provided awesome panoramic views of the canyons. Most of the viewpoints only required short walks from the parking lot. The number one site to see at this park is Mesa Arch which is suggested to visit during sunrise.

Mesa Arch is the main attraction at Canyonlands, best time to visit is during Sunrise.

Scouting for a spot to have our picnic

Spotted several pools of water and each one seen in the picture had a thick layer of ice.

Dead Horse Point State Park:

Dead Horse Point is only a short drive from Canyonlands. This is another chill area that doesn’t require a lot of hiking either. If you want to get your exercise in, then one should explore the Rim Loop trail that is 5.2 miles round trip. Within this loop you can capture great looks no matter where you stand along the rim. It’s also advised to be at Dead Horse Point to watch the Sunset.

Arches National Park:

Arches NP is the main the attraction that me and my group was looking forward to seeing the most for this trip. At $25 per vehicle, you will gain access to many trails and get the chance to see some of the most memorizing rock formations. Even though I visited during a less busy season I still wanted to get up early and see the popular Delicate Arch first thing in the morning to get clear shots. The crew I was with was successful in getting to the trailhead early and managed to take our time admiring the beauty of Delicate Arch without the crowds sweeping up the place. Just as we were leaving back to our vehicle we noticed waves of hikers passing by so we were fortunate to leave early from home. After that it I wasn’t on any schedule to see the other points of interest in the park so we took our time taking it all in.  One can spend a whole day here so make sure to pack enough food and liquids with you.

Delicate Arch

Landscape Arch which is the park’s longest arch.

Double O Arch

Navajo Arch

Local Eats:

Moab Brewery is probably the most popular brewery in town that offers 9 custom ales, stouts, and pilsners to chose from. Not only is their beer good but their menu is pretty solid and would one can’t go wrong with their burgers. Also inside you’ll find a cool gift shop and a delicious ice cream bar.

Another notable restaurant is Arches Thai which serves authentic Thai cuisine. With the cold weather we encountered it only made sense to order some hot plates. The Pho and Chicken Pad Thai was extremely flavorful and I regret not going one more time before my departure.

Where to stay:

The Yurts – Dead Horse Point State Park

Yurts is a luxurious option if you don’t want to do legit camping in the outdoors. Although limited in some amenities, these Yurts still provide your basic needs such as bed, air conditioning, and bathroom facilities. Link below for more details:

The Yurts at Dead Horse Point

Airbnb – Luxury in the Red Rocks

If you’re traveling with a group of friends, then I highly recommend you stick with Airbnb. The place I stayed at was only a few minutes away from town and turned out to be more cost-effective than staying at a hotel. Link below for more photos

View of La Sal Mountains from the neighborhood


Located just 24 miles South of Moab, it’s nearly impossible to miss Wilson Arch. There’s a parking lot right off US Route 191 and it only requires a short hike to get to the top. It’s worth checking out either on your way to Utah or on your return to AZ.

Along the 7-8 hour drive from Phoenix to Moab, you’re likely to pass several points of interest such “Mexican Hat” or the “San Juan River.” So make sure to travel during daylight so you can enjoy the long ride.

Didn’t last more than one more minute standing outside of Mt. Humphreys

On the way home we stopped at Flagstaff to get a warm meal and hang out around the snow for a bit. If you’re looking for a good place to eat then your best bet is with Mama Burger or Satchmo’s BBQ. For good views of the outdoors then one can head to the Snowbowl. Our group got caught up with a Blizzard so we didn’t stay for too long but I managed to snap a quick selfie.

Thanks for reading my latest trip. I think I may have got my Utah fix for now and it’s time to venture out to other National Parks around the country. Let’s see if I can knock a new one out later this year…

And if you’re ever interested in tagging along on one of my adventures, hit me up so we can collaborate! The more the merrier. 🙌🏾

The Utah Crew: (Left to right top row: Marko, Haris, Erik. left to right bottom row: Angel, Me)

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