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Mexperience: Guanajuato & Oaxaca

Hey there, sorry it’s been too long since my last post but I’m glad to be back. Trying to juggle a work-life balance can often make it difficult to find the right time to blog. When I do find the time I tend to use it catching up on my TV shows or planning the next adventure. At last I am back with more experiences to share where I spent a short week in Southern Mexico.

Day 1: Guanajuato

We stayed at Casa del Rector which is centrally located in GTO so that made every point of interest easily accessible for us. To start the day off we went for a walk around the neighborhood and searched for a good restaurant to get breakfast. After that we scouted for pretty looking streets so that we could snap some outfit photos while also admiring the architecture. Every now and then we would stop at different food vendors to try local eats. We later spent the rest of the evening at Jardín de la Unión where countless of bands come to play music.


Day 2: San Miguel de Allende

On our second day we hired a private driver to take us to San Miguel which is roughly 90 minutes away. There we mainly wanted to visit the famous church of San Miguel Arcangel and admire more of Mexico’s colonial parts. Based on my research I didn’t see much to do in the town so I wouldn’t recommend spending more than a day there.


Day 3: Mexico City

We checked out from our hotel in Guanajuato and made way to our next destination Oaxaca. Since we had a 11 hour layover in Mexico City, we made the most of it by hitting the streets. First stop we visited was Casa Gilardi which is a famous architectural masterpiece built by one of Mexico’s most legendary architects. It’s highly recommended you book a tour in advance as we were extremely lucky to find an opening the morning we showed up. After our mini photo shoot in the house we pursued our beloved Tacos de Canasta in the Zocalo area. From there we wondered off into the markets and spoiled ourselves to some religious jewelry. As our flight was approaching we finished off with devouring some churros in the city’s most famous churrería El Moro.

Day 4: Santiago Apoala

After settling into Oaxaca, we immediately embarked on a long journey to the beautiful waterfalls of Santiago Apoala. This village is roughly 3 hours away from the city where half of the way is spent on a bumpy dirt road. There were some scary moments where we drove past a narrow cliff but the mountainous views kept me distracted. Once we arrived at this small village it was a blessing to not see any tourists. Our tour guide began by taking us to a cave and received some history lessons about the place. From there we hiked to see the waterfalls which stands at 60 meters tall. The crystal blue water and landscape reminded me a lot of Havasupai Falls. Of all the places we visited in our trip this was the only spot that we had to ourselves which made it more special for me. Santiago Apoala was definitely the highlight of my time in Mexico.

Day 5: Hierve El Agua

On the next day we hired another tour guide to take us to visit Hierve El Agua, Teotitlan de Valle, and a mezcal farm. Hierve El Agua is essentially a place above the mountain that has springs that you can swim in. Here you have the option to do some hiking and see the base of the petrified waterfalls. From there we traveled to Teotitlan de Valle to tour inside a family’s house where they hand make rugs and textiles. The process is very interesting and you’ll get to met locals who speak the indigenous tongue. To cap off we ended up at a mezcal farm to learn about the process and got the opportunity to try different flavors of mezcal.

Day 6: Oaxaca

On our final day in Oaxaca we went to see the grand pyramids at Monte Alban which were built by the Zapotecs. Afterwards we rode the taxi to Benito Juarez market to enjoy more of the region’s food and purchase some souvenirs. We continued our way walking past marvelous looking buildings and got a glimpse of Santo Domingo church. As the Sun went down we tagged along a parade of musicians and danced the night away with the locals.


WHY Guanajuato and Oaxaca Should Be On Your List:

Often times when people think of Mexico they only imagine of border towns, tourist traps such as Cancun, tacos, margaritas, Cartel violence, and other stereotypical stuff. I came with the intention of revealing to my friends a side of Mexico that’s often overlooked. Coming to these cities you’re guaranteed to taste true original dishes as well as new exotic Mexican flavors that you’ve never tried before. One can also expect to see a style of neighborhoods and architecture that can’t be seen anywhere else in the world. Lastly you’ll come across some of the friendliest and most humble people on the planet that’ll make you feel right at home.

Going on this trip has made me appreciate the Mexican culture and history even more than I ever did. There were several points of interest that I left out on my itinerary with the sole purpose of using that as an excuse to come back one day. There’s so much beauty to be discovered down South and the vast wave of tourism hasn’t made it’s way to these lovely places yet. If I return I hope that I can make it happen during Dia de los Muertos to witness one of Mexico’s greatest traditions. Other notable places on my list to visit in Mexico are Guadalajara, Chiapas, and Michoacán. It’s just a matter of when.


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