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Arizona’s Backyard Adventure

Be still and the earth will speak to you” – Navajo Proverb


This past weekend I went to visit Page, AZ with my traveling partner Marisol which happens to be her first time out there. Although I have been to Page a couple of times, I been dreaming of returning to this gem so I can share this picturesque landscape with my lady. To make the trip more exciting we decided to dress up and come up with ideas to add flavor to our photos.

Horseshoe Bend

First stop on our weekend getaway was Horseshoe Bend. It’s roughly about 4 hours from Phoenix, assuming you don’t catch traffic like we did. The drive is pretty boring until you hit Flagstaff and past that. Every now and then you’ll pass by local Native American pop up shops on the side of the road along with cool looking murals. We didn’t have time to scope these spots out since I was racing against the clock to get our sunset pictures in. My girlfriend even had to take over the wheel since she has the need for speed and I tend to drive like a grandma sometimes…

At last we arrive at Horseshoe Bend with an hour of sunlight to spare. I wanted to make sure I get there somewhat early since overtime this place has gotten so popular you can expect large crowds pouring in from all over the world. I mean by the bus loads of tourists all rushing to claim their spots along the bend! So we show up and rush on over to claim a decent spot to admire this iconic Arizonian site.
(Key note- Parking is free and bring water. Even though it’s only a 15 minute walk from the parking lot, temperatures can rise really high during the Summer and you can potentially pass out. Trust me, I “seen’t it”)


Antelope Canyon

Next stop was Lower Antelope Canyon which is located approximately 10 minutes from Horseshoe Bend. Antelope canyon is a top destination for many people around the world and a must if you live in the Grand Canyon State. Before going, it’s important to know that there are two different locations to choose from and reservations are required. Although the slot canyons are very similar, there is still a small difference between the two.  To begin with Upper is easier to navigate through because there is more space to walk by and contains those iconic light beams that photographers crave for. Upper is also more popular and with that has a lot more people touring at once, which can be bad if you’re aiming for clear shots for the gram. Lower has a lot less people and offers just as beautiful views as the Upper does. If you don’t have any mobility issues or fear of claustrophobia, then I recommend going to Lower. Price wise, Lower is generally cheaper compared to Upper.
(Key note- take $8 cash per person since that is charged as a Navajo Park entrance fee)
In our situation we went with Lower Antelope since Upper was booked for the entire month of September with at least a month in advance while I was looking up availability. The tour to get here is with Ken’s Tours. The staff there are always amazing and the tour guides are very informative about the canyons and history of the land. Also if you don’t have a clue about photography or taking fire shots with the iPhone, the tour guides are also experienced in that field and can assist with setting up your camera mode to ensure you capture all the moments.

If you plan on coming to Page I recommend staying at least one night so you can get some rest while also allowing yourself enough time to explore these sites, including Lake Powell.

As soon as the hour and a half tour concluded, we dashed back to Phoenix to celebrate my girlfriend’s 23rd birthday with her family. We had no time to stop at the famous Rock Springs Cafe which only means we’ll have to stop by for our next adventure. Stay tuned





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