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My name is Bryan Soto, born and raised in the sunset state of Arizona, and I’m excited to share some of my dope experiences with you. You’ll typically find me on a road trip somewhere, debating what are the top food spots, jammin’ out to music, checking out the latest flick, or even posted up at a gallery admiring art. I’m also a first generation college graduate and my desire to learn never stops.

Growing up in a lower economic environment, my horizons were limited since I did not have anyone to look up to. My world only consisted of the tiny neighborhood I lived in and the kids I went to school with. It wasn’t until joining a diverse fraternity in college that really sparked interest for me in learning about people and their cultures. Once I realized the world was so much more bigger than el barrio that I grew up in, there was no stopping in wanting to explore as much as possible.

That’s when La Onda was born. “La Onda” first came about as an idea I picked up years ago from the classic film “Blood In Blood Out.” A scene in the movie describes La Onda as a form of destiny, a wave that nothing can stop. What I took from that quote is I have this mission to do whatever it takes to uplift people from all backgrounds. By creating this blog I plan to promote positivity and expose people to new things so that each reader can use this as a resource to add some flavor to their lives. La Onda is a movement, a way of thinking, and a way of life.